Yoni Eggs, are a variety of different gemstones, rocks or crystals carved into egg shaped stones and are available in different sizes.

Yoni eggs have been a long kept sacred secret  of the Royal Palace and taught only to the queen and mistresses of the most powerful nobles. It was believed that women who mastered Yoni Egg techniques, the jade egg in particular, would maintain their youthful beauty, vitality and sexuality as they matured into old age.

Here are some of the Benefits of Yoni Egg practice

  • Awakening and cultivation of divine feminine sexual energy
  • Improvement of physical and spiritual well being
  • Increased orgasmic pleasure for both partners
  • Balances the monthly menstrual flow and daily cycle of hormones
  • Stimulation of key reflexology points found within the vagina
  • Higher production of Chi (life force energy)
  • Tightening and toning of the lady parts
  • Increased vaginal lubrication
  • Improved bladder control and incontinence prevention
  • Faster recovery of vaginal elasticity after child birth
  • Prevention of uterine prolapse in twilight years

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