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The Awakening: Enter The Secret Gateway


Learn these ancient and sacred techniques to: Return to the spirit of a young girl. Remove past hurts and trauma from past relationships, Regain your sensual and creative power. Increase energy, vitality and more. Hold your chi and jing during sex and refill your oil lamp. (Reversing the aging process)

Product Description

Learn the ancient and sacred practices our Ancient ancestors used to gain “The Fountain of Youth”. Did you know that the process we know as aging today is not a natural process? As a woman regain your energy, vitality, sensualness and creative power. Not only that…..REVERSE THE AGING PROCESS!!! Ancient and sacred wisdom says everyone is born with a certain amount in our oil lamp. When the oil is gone, the body dies. I will teach you how to refill your oil lamp and stop the process of losing so much chi (energy) and jing (matter).

Don’t miss the next class; Saturday April 1, 1pm-3pm EST

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