About Allison

Allison Muhammad is an internationally known life & success coach, motivational speaker, and radio talk show host who helps ordinary women live legendary lives through coaching, health and wellness, and lifestyle mastery.

She began as a mediocre intuitive coach who struggled to charge her worth and attract clients. Tired of struggling with the crazy neurotic cycle of a bank account that would yo-yo up and down, and living off of credit cards, Allison has learned sacred ancient secrets on how to remove energetic blockages and Boldly break through that limiting income ceiling. She is now a well known Author and healing coach who travels the world and enjoys a most meaningful career transforming other women to do the same.

To help other women coaches learn how they too can break through their limiting beliefs on money, and help their clients do the same, Allison created Soul Healing Miracles Healing and Training Center, which has fast risen to become one of the most iconic and cutting edge Business and Intuitive Coaching for women TODAY.

Allison has since inspired and helped many women coaches and healers learn how to live the sacred and luxurious lives they so richly deserve as Queens of the planet earth — benevolent, soft, and feminine while still wealthy and powerful — to create a 6-figure coaching and healing business that gives them the freedom, fulfillment and lifestyle they always dreamed of.

Join her so you too can be empowered to live a Queen-like life through coaching, coach training mastery, business skills, travel, and luxury.