Benefits of Yoni Steaming

First of all, what is the Yoni? Yoni is a Sanskrit word for the vaginal and in many ancient civilizations, considered to be very sacred. (And it is) As women we have to reconnect to the power of the Yoni. Because of conditioning and programing we usually don’t pay attention to our wombs at all unless we are menstruating, pregnant, having sex or experiencing pain. For most women these are all unpleasant experiences.

Did you know that our wombs is the source of our creativity? There is so much power in the womb!!

It is also a place where we store desires,(manifested and un-manifested) emotions, stress, worry, guilt and shame. Which can easily bring about Yoni dis-ease and discomfort. These are called blockages. Blockages can be physical, mental and spiritual. Some of the physical blockages could be fibroids, endometriosis, painful menstrual cycles, excessive bleeding during cycles, increase in days of cycle, PMS, PCOS and hormonal imbalances. Some of the mental blockages could be an unhealthy view of sex, lack of selflove and worth, depression and more. Some of the spiritual blockages could be a close of intuition, promiscuity, loss of connection with the divine and much more. One of the ways we deal with this dis-ease of the womb physically, mentally and spiritually is through Yoni Steaming.

So what is Yoni Steaming? Yoni (Vaginal) Steaming has been used by women of ancient cultures for thousands of years to promote healing, balance and well-being. To our wombs and reproductive organs. Organic, wild crafted, dried and fresh herbs are selected and placed in warm water to create steam. The herbal infused steam gently releases through the vagina, cervix and uterus to fortify, cleanse, detox, heal and strengthen the womb, (uterus) fallopian tubes, ovaries, vaginal walls, cervix, and the anus. It helps with the relief of irregular and painful menses, fibroids, PCOS, PMS, menopause, womb trauma, infertility, cysts, emotional, hormonal, and spiritual blockages and imbalances and more.

In many cultures Yoni steaming is used between menstrual cycles. It’s used to cleanse, dry out and tighten the vagina. It has also been used methodically after childbirth and miscarriages.

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