Are you still stuck in your money story?

Have you seriously considered why you can’t make money or why you can’t get over a certain amount of money? Many people are puzzled and frustrated by the lack of money. With all the classes you’ve taken about business, all the marketing you have done, yet money continues to go away from you. As a matter of fact you find yourself getting more and more in debt.

Did you know that the average person has over 300,000 thoughts a day? Did you know that most of those thoughts are the same thoughts they had the day before, the month before and the year before? You keep not having enough money because you keep thinking, “I don’t have enough money”. Get it? Ok, so you say, I’ve been doing these affirmations and I’ve been saying that “I am abundance” Great!!!! That is a great start. However, it’s not what we are saying with our mouths it’s what our consciousness is projecting out to the Universe. So it’s not what we are saying with our mouth, it’s the frequency in which we are vibrating out.

Many are still vibrating the same frequency from childhood. This is where we learned how to “BE” from our parents. Whatever our parents said or demonstrated about money this is what we learned. Even if we watched our parents do something that we didn’t like and we swore “I’m never going to be like that!” So you put up this resistance which only brings it into focus. This is why when you try to change it or anything for that matter, it seems like it gets better and then it comes back. Actually it didn’t really get better you just get a variation of “THE SAME STORY”.

So how do you change your money story?

It is easier than most people think. I know you have done a lot of things and they have been good things, just not the things to finally change your money story. The only way to change your money story is to change you. To change your money consciousness. YES, you and your money story are not different. You are the creator of the story! You are the story! You are even all the players in the story….. more on that at another time. So how do you stop running this story which you have programmed and set on automatic and run something else that you actually would like. Well, you have to do two things: 1. Raise your money consciousness and frequency and 2. Run a new program. Here is where I come in. I so want to help you change this money story. There is so much happening in the world right now. And I know if you could live in a more abundant state of “being” you will be one of the ones to offer more love and light to the planet at this time. Are you ready to step up and finally take your rightful place? I created a manifesting money loop to help you. It has helped me and many others and I believe it can help you too. There are several ways you can use the loop. You can 1. Play it softly in the background during the day. 2. Play it and listen while you sleep. 3. Play it as you are meditating or receiving your energy work. 

Please send me your testimonies after listening to the loop for 30 days, 20 days, 10 days, whenever you have a breakthrough. I look forward to seeing your transformation. You really can manifest money as if by magic!!! I’ve seen others do it and You Can Too!

Yes, Allison Give me the money loop now

One Love,

Allison, Your Spiritual Mentor and LifeStyle Strategist


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