Every physical problem has a spiritual and emotional cause. Sometimes this is hard for people to see or accept however I do believe it to be true. Many of the clients I have worked with have proven it is true. Because when you address the spiritual issues and the emotional trauma there physical symptoms will go away. This week I want to address the uterus. So many women suffer from discomfort concerning the uterus and find themselves having to do things that are extreme such as having it removed. This is so sad and very unnecessary. Problems with the uterus include fibroids, heavy bleeding, endometriosis, prolapsed problems, eclampsia, not being able to conceive or carry a child, polyps, cyst, estrogen and other hormonal imbalances and all of the pelvic floor which includes the ovaries and fallopian tubes.

Let’s look at some of the emotional side. (This is very general and each person is accessed individually during the consultation) 

Someone more than likely an influential and dominant person in your life tried suppressing your voice. Dominant and influential people in our childhood is usually our parents or whomever we grew up with. As adults this tends to be our spouse and/or children. These people may have challenged or threatened your boundaries and strength in some way. The uterus is also related to how a woman feels about herself. You might feel as though you are not able to explore your life, your creativity or sexuality and femininity. You may also be experiencing some guilt or shame for someone who took advantage of you, past relationships or sexual behavior. You may also have experience a challenging relationship with a female figure such as mother, sister or even teacher. You could feel a great deal of sexual anger and frustration due to failed relationships and feeling invalidated by your partner. (The partner may or may not have done anything wrong) This is a result of not feeling worthy enough to have your sexual needs met in a way that is satisfying to you. It could also be that your identity , value and personal power are tied up in how much your father loves or does not love you. When there is conflict between a father and daughter there is most times stress on the uterus. Also, the more you are trying to push away a sexual partner, the more tension there may be in this area. Abuse suppresses a person’s creativity and talents. I am speaking of childhood abuse that affects a woman way into adulthood. This also includes the mother and grandmother’s childhood years. This has a huge impact on the development of YOUR uterus. I know it seems quite unfair however we will go over how to correct this. You may feel some failure in the area of being a good mother, female role model, daughter or guardian, even though other people look up to you as being such. You may feel as though your efforts as a mother, friend or guardian were not rewarded and you feel deeply betrayed. There could be some issues of not having sufficient attention as a child which left you feeling that you weren’t worthy and that something or someone else always comes before you. You may have been made to feel guilty for wanting to have your desires met. Lack of love and attention may have caused you to feel that you will not have enough love available to give your own children and even have you to accept unhealthy behaviors to compensate.

Let’s look at the spiritual side and why some people don’t heal:

There are many reasons why people don’t heal. The first thing I look at as a practitioner is secondary gains, what that means is… the Being is using it for it’s benefit in some way. We scan this during our session together. Another reason is not discovering THE SPIRITUAL CAUSE!!! Another is not knowing where the spiritual cause started, for example it could be another life time that has to found. It could be projections from your ancestors that you have picked up. This can not be overlooked. There are several things that are looked at on an individual basis. You can schedule a private consultation here.

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