There has been a great benefit in my life to have access to someone who could see further than I could. To have a spiritual eye and the ability to see in other dimensions and how that affects you in this one is a tremendous gift from The Source. I am so very grateful to have this special gift and even though I have such a gift, I still have an intuitive coach and healer. We have blind spots as it relates to our own lives so it’s refreshing to have someone to see the areas that I can’t. Can you imagine making decisions about your spiritual, financial, and career path with great precision? Why waste time on trial and error? Everything is moving at such a fast rate we really don’t have time to waste trying to “figure it out”.

Many of us can relate to not knowing our purpose. Not knowing exactly what to do with our lives. We tell our children when they are in college, “don’t worry about it many people don’t know what they were born to do”, “you have time to figure it out”. This confusion actually comes from old programming mixed with new programming which brings about lack of clarity, it makes a person indecisive, it makes a person go into this thing and then the next thing and then the next. Most people I have met are actually in the wrong career and don’t know what their natural abilities and skills are.

As an intuitive coach and healer, I can see where your old programming is affecting your life in a negative way. I can see where you are being blocked from your true self, which is abundance!!! A person does not have to struggle for happiness, joy, great health and wealth.  That is the natural state of the Being! It is the blockages from the things we have picked up and put in our energy fields from when we were children, some from when we were still in our mother’s womb and some are even from other life times. I know that may be hard for some of you to believe, however I have worked with many clients and know this to be true. It is only these blockages that are causing you not to have what you desire in life. It is not what someone is doing to you. It is always what you are doing to YOU. What you have aligned and agreed with and sometimes what you have fought against. You can start today to work in harmony with the Universe and receive all that it wants to gift you. I know you have heard Ask, and you shall receive. It’s more like Ask and the Universe will go to work to get it for you, however, it can’t make you receive. We have to do that part. If you don’t have joy and abundance in every area of your life, there is a blockage somewhere. I can help you to remove them so you can receive what you truly desire and stop creating the things you do not. All you have to do is decide, NOW.

You are asking is it really that easy? I’m saying to you, YES it is!!!! Let’s start today.

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